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People are not born managers, but all of us can be leaders. Our DLP Program works with emerging leaders; folks in their first management role, folks looking to expanded professional development opportunities, folks that know they have more to give. We know (as the data show) people leave managers, not jobs. Provide the support to 

  • Build and lead inclusive and effective teams

  • Engage in ways that motivate and engage employees

  • Set and track goals that harness the strengths of the team

  • Enable a more positive, inclusive, and unified workplace culture


Specific and cultivated for your team’s needs, retreats consist of session(s) for organizations moving through change or transition. Coming through a global pandemic, teams have been existing in change and transition for a prolonged time, with no real end in sight. Organizations cannot wait for the dust to settle. Strategy retreats allow for groups to reflect, reconnect, heal, and look for a new way forward. Cohesion and foundations of trust are critical elements for healthy and impactful teams. Strategy retreat are appropriate in many situations, including:

  • During and after a significant merger or acquisition

  • Loss of a critical team leader or founder

  • Underperforming teams

  • During a significant growth phase


Unlike the Strategy Retreats, Team Building services focus on the culture of an organization. We are skilled in topic-specific workshops, talks and team exercises that address: The creation of organizational values, the role of feedback, how to hold accountability, and conflict as a catalyst. Team Building engagements are appropriate in many situations, including:

  • New leadership

  • Conflict and crisis within teams

  • Remote teams looking for cohesion

  • Roll out of new and radically different policies and procedures

  • Education around Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.


Developing leaders and creating a culture that inspires, motivates, and retains talent is critical to meeting and exceeding your goals. The Open Delta Group helps put your people and values at the center of what you do each day.

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