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  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Employee retention

  • Feedback and Radical Candor

  • Foundations of Change Management

  • Hiring Who You Need and Want

  • Introduction to Setting the Vision: Strategic Planning

  • Mastering Hard Conversations

  • Off Boarding with Intention

  • Silos and Connection: Connection in a Virtual World


  • All the Generations: Harness the Power of Life Cycle at work

  • Building a Coaching Culture

  • Chaos to Calm

  • Crisis and Compassion: Leading with Compassion and Integrity through change

  • Develop Your Team

  • Getting out of your own way

  • Grit and Resilience

  • Middle Managers: Stuck in The Middle with You

  • Leadership Contracts: Clear Terms for Your Leadership Style

  • Shared Language: Teaching Your Team to Communicate

  • Wholehearted Leadership: The Need for Courageous Leaders


  • Getting the right folks in the right roles

  • Goal Setting that Sticks

  • Mentors and Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

  • Motivation: Finding and Keeping It

  • Productivity and Purpose

  • Remote work: Keeping Connections

  • Time Management


  • Balance: Life and Work

  • Burnout: Identify and Rebuild

  • Self-Care: It’s Not Bubble Baths


At the Open Delta Group, we are more concerned with who you want to be rather than what you want to be. We leverage a combination of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and behavioral tools to help our clients achieve clarity.

The Open Delta Group knows that teams don’t need PowerPoints. The Open Delta group is known for engaging and thoughtful learning experiences that have real-life applications. We add some humor and self-deprecating honesty to highlight the humanness of any learning opportunity.  We customize all talks and training for each client's needs. 

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